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Zhejiang jiajiare new energy Co., Ltd., is a professional engaged in solar water heater development and research, production and sales of integrated enterprise. In 1995, the company began to develop and produce solar water heater, which has a long history of 18 years.

The company “jiajiare” brand water heater has become the company’s leading products, is the country’s green products recommended. Company to excellent product quality for the vitality of the JIAJIARE products sold more than and 20 provinces nationwide, the country has a total of more than and 100 distributors


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Selection of solar water heater

One vacuum tube,two water tank, three tank shell ,four insulation performance ,five accessories。

Use solar water heater in Thunderstorm Weather

The water heater in the lightning rod or belt, metal frame heater (seat) should do ground handling;

Water tank installed dissatisfaction with water

The water pressure is insufficient, the upper and lower water pipes are leaking, and the water tank is leaking

Precautions for use of solar water heater in winter

Scientific use of heating antifreeze device, according to the weather conditions of water, open the hot water faucet antifreeze

Vent hole of water supply tank Water leakage

After heating in the tank, the liquid expands. Fill the water tank valve scale or damage

Sunny water temperature is not stable

water heater in front of a shelter, Gaotai, trees, buildings, walls or other water heater, sunshine time is short, resulting in low temperature.
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