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Selection of solar water heater

One vacuum tube,two water tank, three tank shell ,four insulation performance ,five accessories。View More »

Water tank installed dissatisfaction with water

The water pressure is insufficient, the upper and lower water pipes are leaking, and the water tank is leakingView More »

Vent hole of water supply tank Water leakage

After heating in the tank, the liquid expands. Fill the water tank valve scale or damageView More »

Use solar water heater in Thunderstorm Weather

The water heater in the lightning rod or belt, metal frame heater (seat) should do ground handling;View More »

Precautions for use of solar water heater in winter

Scientific use of heating antifreeze device, according to the weather conditions of water, open the hot water faucet antifreezeView More »

Sunny water temperature is not stable

water heater in front of a shelter, Gaotai, trees, buildings, walls or other water heater, sunshine time is short, resulting in low temperature.View More »
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