Electric heating

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Product features:

1 high efficiency energy saving. Forced convection, accelerated heat exchange, thermal efficiency increased by 15%-20%.

2 anticorrosive coating. Special coating refused to corrosion, spraying no dead ends, the coating is uniform, anti-corrosion effect is good.

3 non stick scale. The coating surface is smooth and sticky water, scale hard to adhere, has the advantages of simple structure, no jamming worries.

4 water temperature is uniform. The water cycle, the temperature difference is small, the low temperature water bath, comfortable.

5 put an end to burst pipe. High quality electric heating tube sheathed in aluminium, no pipe explosion danger, safe and reliable.

6 prevent drying. Anti dry burn special design, heating and temperature control integration, even if completely empty burning will automatically power.

7 pressure pressure. Pressure type can be used for the operation of the pressure type water tank by installing the connection of the screw thread.

Product parameters:

Specification: CD-47 * 45

Aperture: 47mm

Voltage: 220V

Power: 1KW, 1.5KW, 2KW

Frequency: 50Hz

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