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Advantages of Jiajiare聽water heater system:

1, applicable to the organs, units, schools, industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, sauna, gym, hospital, etc., energy saving and environmental protection, less investment;

2, the use of full glass vacuum tube solar collectors, can be installed in a large area of flat roof, instead of the use of the boiler;

3, water tank for pressure or non pressure water, can be placed in any position, if the tank can be installed in the low, high water use hot water pump;

4, equipped with intelligent control instrument, can realize the automatic operation system, to achieve the four automatic operation, namely automatic water supply, automatic electric heating, automatic cycle, automatic protection, manual management;

In winter 5, in order to prevent the circulation pipe cracking, system design of low temperature protection function;

6, the hot water outlet pipe is equipped with timing or constant temperature control system to control the hot water circulation pump to open, ensure that the water is always hot water;

7, the user can enjoy hot water at any time under any weather conditions;

8, one-time investment, the service life of up to 15 years, 2-3 years to recover the cost;

9, environmental protection and energy saving, pollution-free, pollution-free, 95% energy saving, as the first choice of green energy products;

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