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1) Frame material: Galvanized steel
2) Weight: Depending on you.
3) Solar collector: Vacuum tube 47mmX1.5, 58mm x 1.8m.
4) Material of pipeline: Import food grade stainless steel SUS 304-2B.
5) Number of vacum tube: 15-50 for one collector
6) Material of cover: Colorful steel plate
7) Fetch water method: Circulation type
8) Insulation: Polyurethane foam
Suitable for swimming pool, school, army, hotel etc.
Can be installed on flat and slope roof, also on the ground.
We have singe wing and double wings solar collector for non-pressurized type.
We still have pressurized solar collector.
We have designed several solar heating projects, so we have lots of experience. If you have any interest, please let uss know, we will design a satisfactory project for you.

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