Split pressurized solar water heater 200L

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1.The double coil system can combine with the original water heater perfectly.

2.The split pressurzied system is special designed for the cold area,it is more effetive than the other type solar water heater if in the cold winter.

3.The double coil system can used for heating room

4.The solar collector can be placed on the flat roof or sloping roof or fixed on the balcony,generous and nobler.

5.The tank can be put in the house that can reduce the resistance of the roof.

6.The whole system can be used for swimming pool heating system.

Work principle:

  1. The solar collector can connect to the pressured water tank and it can be installed on the flat with stand or mounting on the sloping roof without support stand.
  2. The heat pipe vacuum tube absorbs the heat energy from sunlight, because there is a closed-loop between water tank and solar collector, so the heat can transfer to water tank from the solar collector.
  3. The conduct medium is Glycol and water mixture, it can endure the very low temperature and anti freeze, meanwhile it can exchange heat energy with cold water in the water tank.
  4. With help of the controller system, it can balance the temperature of the water tank and the solar collector. When the temperature difference is higher than preset value, the controller system will start the circulation pump and the heat energy can be transferred between the water tank and solar collector.
  5. The controller can also control the electrical heater booster; the temperature can be preset with digital adjustor. When the T of the water in the water tank is higher than the preset value. It will start the electrical heater, when the temperature is higher than the preset value. The electrical heater will stop working.
  6. The water tank has a very long insulation period, so the temperature of the hot water can be protected for 72hours.
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