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Product features

1 Application of the latest single-chip technology development, solar energy equipment, a high degree of intelligence.

2 clock display, water temperature, water level large LCD screen display. Sheung Shui, heating to achieve full intelligence. The use of human design, with power outage display.

3 can be manually controlled, there is water shortage / full water overflow protection, high temperature protection, leakage protection and other functions. To ensure constant temperature heating, optional automatic pressurization or pipeline protection.

Two 4 regular Sheung Shui, heating, (use more convenient, safer and more practical).

Product parameters:

Model: TK-7

Voltage: 220V/50HZ

Power: < 5W

Temperature measurement accuracy: + 2

Temperature range: 0-99

Water level: 5

Electric tropical power: < 500W

Leakage action current: < 10mA/0.1S

Solenoid valve parameters: DC DC12V, can be used to pressure valve or pressure valve

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